Hello experts,
I need some help with girls and one of my biggest problems; Insecurity.
Let me explain my problem, i live/was born in The Netherlands i am 18 now and still am a Virgin.. (Ooh i hate that word!)
Yes indeed i am 18 and still a freaking virgin, let me explain why!
I can't talk to girls because i am very insecure, i have the feeling that i am not looking good enough. I always take care of myself when it comes to the looks, i sport soccer but i am not an bodybuilder and my personality isn't that bad either i know that sounds weird but i was raised good and i am polite to everyone, and i have to say i can crack some funny jokes (I am sorry if i look like a arogant bastard but i have to ''explain myself')
I had some girlfriends but i just can't seem to smash that ''Homerun'' talking to a girl is hard for me, because i am ashamed of my looks because of my ^insecurity^ and that's annoying me about myself! Why cant i get past that and have the balls to ask, make a girl feel special or even ask her number!
I work every day and two days ago i met a girl, she is amazingly smart and she got good looks, smart girls are really a turn on for me because i dont want to have a bimbo brainless fishhead as a girl.
I want to know what i can do to prevent this insecureness.
I have an guy i am working with and he is pretty ugly but has no freaking insecureness and he goes so good with the girls, maybe i look more like a boy than a man.
Please help me!