Okay so here goes:

At the point where I started the game I had oneitis, bad oneitis i.e. I would turn chicks down for this one girl.
So the common cure for this is bang ten chicks and then see how you feel. Well Ive done more than that, but my mind is still wondering back to the "What If" or "How can I get out of her of the F-zone".

So yeah, bit stumped as to what to do at the moment, whenever I seem to close Its like im doing so just to get away from the one-itis and not because I want to close the particular chick - leading to one night stands which just isnt what I want at the moment.(Weird I know, seeing as I would never ever get laid!).

Anyway Im hoping that the community can come and help a brother out here as to what to do.

Obviously I would love to make things more than friends but unfortunately due to lifestyle changes and moving our contact has been limited to text messages etc - and Im struggling to escalate through this medium without creeping her out.