Whats up players, hope you guys are all doing well!

So heres the deal,crazy scenario! This morning I woke up and went for a run, not looking like i do when i go out, i was a little bummy, Anyways i saw a couple of cute latin chicks, and was hesitant to talk to them at starbucks, until i saw her order a donut, and smiled and said dont do it (neg) for too many calories!

Got my drink, and asked her where they were from, i guess they live in the college town, and work with disabled kids! I made small talk with them but mostly spoke to the darker one the lighter one kinda just giggled, when we went outside i continued gaming them " where ya from what do you do blah blah" I started busting a little spanish, and told them im middle eastern (i can pass for latin with a fade) showed some pics of me (obviously the good ones) and used aye yay yayee which made the light skin one laugh and say i use that one too!

We talked about regeton and she asked me to grab a seat, at that moment i told her i had to leave to san fransisco to pick up my sis, she handed me her phone to enter my name and all that i got her number and hugged her and kinda flirtly shook her light skinned friends hand! I saved my name as "Senior Juan"I messaged her saying hey its me, nice catching up, and was in a rush, she replied saying : dont worry about that have fun in SF!

My issues:

1.) I wanna pull either one i dont know which one though i dont want to lose em both!
2.) I really dont know what to message her next for some reason im blank
3.) Ones from Paraguay, the other from Colombia! I have no idea how foriegn girls minds work!
4.) How can i build on this?

Please help guys, I dont wanna skip any steps in between!