You may have seen my other thread but here is everything coming together.

This girl and I hooked up for about 2 months. She is a virgin and the furthest i could get was talking her top half clothes off all the way and fingering her thru her clothes. I was aware that she was heartbroken aboit 5 months before we started hooking up so I thought she would be over him. Things were great for the 2 months until her ex heard I was hanging out with her and escalating relatively quckly for her standards. hell she even stayed over at my house one night and we fooled around for 5-6 hpurs straight. so one night her ex tells her he wants to get back together and she contemplates it and gets all confused. I froze her out, gamed other chicks, kissed other chicks and she still chose the ex, this happened for about a week and a half. she was in love. Nothing I could do so I went NC for a week.

she got a new phone and asked everyone for numbers etc. so i txted her my name with an opinion opener, it worked well amd i was flirting and asked her to come hang out. she said no and then i used a bit of reverse pysch on her saying it was just under the pretense of friends. i told her i was seeing other girls and even asked for some of her friends numbers. it was my form of trying to make her jealous. and she got jealous! i then resumed NC.

Then last night, about 2 days after above paragraph her ex broke up witg her for another girl i believe. I happrened to see the hb i like at a grocery store. actually she saw me from her car and she txted me saying she saw me. i acted distant in the 2 txts that we exchanged back and forth.

i left her last txt for like 3 hours amd then replied to it when i was drunk. she was drunk too. we started flirting a bit. she told me she likes me and always has but she was in love and wanted to see if anything was still on with her ex. she was on a huge rebound night.. she told me she kissed 6 girls and 3 dudes. then she said she wants to sleep with me. she said she wants to have sex with me a lot. we were both drunk. i never said that i liked her back last night i jist said she was cute and we could have sex if she makes me food after. she said the deal is off if i dont txt her first today.

i am not going to txt her first or else i lose the game she is playing..right? and i actually like her but i believe I am just the rebound, you know I will be the rebound again? should i go for it or what? i may try and go for the f close and not date her until shes actually over him.

sorry for the spelling mistakes, i am on my phone. i am looking for any suggestions!