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    Exclamation She should be eating out of my palm..

    Last year, I met a delectable French girl de Bordeaux. She had a boyfriend, I had a girlfriend, but the attraction was obvious. We roamed the streets of Berlin-- often times hand in hand, enjoyed movies with her large-breasted body curled up against mine like a content cat-- Alas, LMR- the closest we came to F-closing errupted into a conversation about our respective friends. On her last day, we went to the club, got drunk and hooked up-- I woke up in her bed-- but nothing had happened.

    Fast forward a year-- we hold sporadic facebook contact. I had sent her an AFC style message (this is before PUA was part of my vocab) explaining that I really did like her and she's a gorgeous girl etc.. No response.

    Oh well, it's over. I had accepted it in my head-- all the while dreaming of her CC breasts that sit perched on her 120 pound (55 kg) frame. And the way she kisses suggests a vicious tongue game-- And I love the francophone sex groans-- pleasing to my American ears.

    Well, after a few weeks (was it months..) of radio silence, she messages me:

    (taken from fb chat)

    Brendan I never take time to answer you...thank you for this wonderful message actually. I was so close to you during Berlin . I really like you and if I had no boyfriend I will try to kiss you and to be with you... But the life is not like this. You was a really really good friend . Really like you. ( I hope so understand what you mean in your message). I miss you. Berlin was so cool thank to you so funny with you in the biblioteque : you remember when we tried to do the homework of math??? I was do for you !!!! Ahah and lot if other thing with you . We was so druuuunk and partyyyyy !!! Kisss from paris i live here now ( for 6 months) .

    Man, this should be in the bag! Whenever I think I'm out she pulls me back in- what's a guy to do?!

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    Default Re: She should be eating out of my palm..

    Well I don't have much of an opinion on this, but to break it down into guy terms, she is kind of saying that you were a really good friend, and though you two could share something together, this isn't how life works and she does care about you, but it was just a nice romantic time you two spent together. As far as roping HER back in, well I'll let the pros handle that stuff, I'm not much good in that department.
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