This girl and I had a thing for about 2 months. She would come over and we would hook up. She even stayed the night the last time we hooked up and we did things like a couple would but had no title. I was never able to have sex with her as she was a virgin but I would finger her and we would dry hump. The usual girl things that a virgin does. I made her feel as comfortable as possible as well.

She had her heart broken about 4-5 months before we started hooking up. She was dating the guy for probably 3-5 months, I am not sure but she had her heart broken (as what she told me.) So I thought she would have been completely over this guy. I guessed wrong.

About 3 weeks ago when we stopped hooking up all of a sudden, I found out that her ex said he wanted to get back together. I remained alpha but had a few AFC lapses but I was not needy at all. She at first thought she was making a big mistake by exploring her ex, I straight up told her that she is just confused and she can take time as she needs it to think etc.. Instead of giving her time, about 2 weeks after that I asked her to be my gf (I felt her slipping away to the ex and I should have pulled away harder..) and she respectfully said no, (all the things like I like you, the timing is off and I don't want you to put your life on hold for me while I get out of this mess.) From there I went NC.

NC lasted for about a week then she posted a status saying she got a new number to text her names. So I texted her and opened her with an opinion opener basically saying I was seeing a few chicks. I even asked her for some of her friends number (some reverse pysch for ya!) She got somewhat jealous and upset. So I figured she still cared for me. From there I went NC again.

Then a few days ago she saw me going into a grocery store and texted me. I didn't have my phone but she said hi i saw you blah blah. I gave her short and distant answers. Then I ended up getting drunk with some friends and she was drinking too (both different venues tho.) So we both end up drunk texting each other. She tells me she likes me, that her and her ex are really over. She wants me to have sex with her to get over him but she also mentioned she kissed about 6 girls and a few guys that night. That doesn't bother me as I have kissed tons of girls and a kclose is nothing especially when she was rebounding as hard as she was.

My question is, I know she is rebounding but I actually like her. We are hanging out at my place Friday night, do I escalate to an fclose if I can, or will that make me an orbiter? Or forget about her until she gets over this guy and keep gaming other chicks?

Yeah for the record, I have been gaming other chicks the whole time, but I do like this girl with the connection we have, and that she is a virgin