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    Default Q for Advanced Artists: Navigating Poly Dynamics

    I have two partners, one of whom lives in the city and another who is long distance. I also own a TPE slave.

    Last night I saw my local partner, who left earlier today. Today I teased my slave about being my being chafed. Without having even mentioned that I was with my other partner, she made the connection and because jealous- and not the good playful want-you-need-you way I was going for, but the bitter sulky kind. Envious might be a better term.

    Lately I've been experimenting with hypnosis and I intend to do some compersion training. Any other ideas on how to manipulate negative jealousy out of the equation?
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    Default Re: Q for Advanced Artists: Navigating Poly Dynamics

    Ooh another kinky, poly, hypnotist? We should hang out!

    Jealousy is not the same as envy.

    With envy, just let her see other people. It's easy. Or with hypnosis just determine what she is focusing on and shift her focus to all the things she already has with you.

    Jealousy is harder. It's a complicated emotion usually based on fear. You need to figure out the cause before mucking around in her subconscious... particularly what are her fears about you seeing another girl? Is she afraid that she isn't good enough? That she'll be replaced? Is your relationship not strong enough yet to handle outside partners and she can see cracks forming that you haven't noticed?

    Sometimes the fear is perfectly rational, in which case you need to change the situation.
    Other times the fear is irrational and changing her perception of the situation will fix it.

    PM me if you want to talk about it in more detail.

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