Kind of a long post i know but i figured this is worth sharing.

I am by no means an expert on this stuff i just ran across something that i wanted to share. I was looking on google to try and find some examples of open ended questions and clicked a link that brought me to a feminist website. It was a blog warning women of anchors that we in the community usec(I am still learning how to do this but i know its powerful stuff). This is a quote from that site stating how powerful it is.

Beware the Open-Ended Question: an Opportunity for Anchors!

When strange men are approaching you, be extremely wary of the open-ended question. The open-ended question is a question that does not have a yes/no answer and requires thought and/or imagination to answer. The last thing I want to do is to advocate paranoia for my readers, but I very much urge caution and care when someone you’ve just met is asking you questions.

Open-ended questions from a pick-up artist (PUA) are designed not to get real answers from the woman he’s targeting but to elicit certain states in her, which he can then “anchor” (meaning, to associate them with himself) and recreate at earlier or later times. Neuro-linguistic programming is where this initially originated. I will refer you to this link at Wikipedia on anchoring:

Anchoring can be done in some basic ways: it can be done kinesthetically (meaning, by touch–frequently, a touch on the arm is the most commonly used), it can be done verbally, with praise (or negativity, if someone wants to be able to set up a negative emotion to conjure up at a later date), and it can be done with sight–such as a dazzling smile at something you’ve said.

Be aware that you can combine anchoring techniques: for example, after answering an open-ended question designed to elicit a desired response, the questioner (a PUA or possibly someone else who is using NLP) can touch you on the arm or elsewhere, say, “Great!” and with a dazzling smile. This is known as “stacking anchors,” and it’s damn effective unless you know **exactly** what you’re dealing with. Even if you’re aware, sometimes the anchors can be set up without you knowing it..

This is worth learning to all of the new people to the community.