Hey everyone,

I have been reading post's here off and on for awhile and finally decided to join the forum's. I havn't asked to many girl's out and have a confidence issue but, I am looking to change that and start doing something about it. Starting with this HB10 Rep at my work, I could use some Expert advice on this situation and my current target.

I work at a hospital and these Rep's from surgical instrument companies come by all the time, dropping off specialty tray's for procedures.

Back in January I met this Rep, she seem's friendly and down to earth, never really talked to her about anything other than work related stuff. She been there off and on, handle business and go our ways.

One night she came, she just started asking how my day was going, I replied back and asked her how her's was, it carried on and she just start's telling me a little about herself. Since then she has asked for me everytime she comes to the department, I have other people working with me who are very well capable of handling any Rep related stuff but, this girl always ask them if I am there. Now this tells me either I am doing a good job or she is interested in possibly, what you guy's think? It get's better.

So everytime she come's I help her out, I am nervous around most girl's I find attractive. Just me and her in the Rep room, I got the courage to spark up conversation with her and asked if she like a baseball team which is close to us, she is from the area. She reminded me again that she just moved back here but, she is a huge baseball girl, she went to the game's where she use to live and some back here at home, I said cool and then she just start's telling me she is kind of an out door's girl, likes being out in the sun and outside, the weather now isn't the best and can't wait for spring. So we talked a little more heading back to the department and she left, I went back to work.

She been asking for me, when she's dropping tray's off and the next day she'll ask for me, when she is picking them up. So the next day I got in, I was hoping she hadn't picked it up yet but, she had been there already. I go upstairs to help a room out that same day and I am talking to a scrub and nurse in one room and I hear the door open behind me from another OR room, I hear someone say "Hi Brandon" and I look back it was her, all smileing and walking down the hall, even the scrub had to look like... did she just say hi to you? lol. So she is trying to get my attention? make me notice her?

Last Friday she came by and was looking for one of her instruments that, she needed for an inservice, I helped her out with that and then she asked me what time will I be in on monday, I told her and she said she'll be there around the same time and will be in contact with me. I am starting to think this girl just wants to see me every chance she can or I am just that reliable to her and that's it.

So Monday came, she was there no sooner I got into work, I had planned on asking her out but, some guy was with her and I chickend out. Still helped them and the thing they were asking for was wrong, I was going to continue to help but she said they'll go look for it. Fifteen minute's later someone call's down asking if what they were looking for was in our departmet and wasn't.

I told another employee I would be up there in a sec, she was up there and the guy she was with is gone. I started talking to her again and helping her look for her instrument, we had no luck and she blurts out, " I think maybe someone took it home over the weekend as a new toy" I thought she was talking to the other guy helping us, I looked at her and asked if she was talking to me, she laughed and said yes I'm talking to you, grabs my arm and kind of hug's me a bit and said she is teasing me. Now this is the first time she's actually touched me and is a good sign yes?

Sorry guy's for the book, but it's all in the detail's I dont know what to do, I don't know if there is more to it or I'm over analyzing this too much. To end the story, my boss ended up helping us and helped her find it, she thanked him as we were going down the elevator and not me but, a few minutes later I went back upstairs to do something, she comes up behind me and thanked me for all my help and appreciated it, I said no problem and she said " I'll see you tommorow" now I know Im not planning on seeing her but, sound's like she is. I never did see her because I come in later on in the day and havn't seen her rest of the week. Now I garuntee though, next time she comes back, she'll ask if I am there.

Should I just ask her out or what is the best way of going about this ? Hope to hear from you guy's and learn.