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    Question a gal who jus broke up with her guy is now in love with me

    I have my classmate who just broke up with her guy and ya I'm the one
    Who is d reason for their break up.after she came from him we started to going out together and we made love at her home.After that happened between us she was little scared that she is rushing into this new relationship though managed to make her understand tat she is not rushing, we are missing the intimacy conversation between us,she is telling that she is trying to come out of those memories which she has about him.she is being nice to me and I'm also being doubt is does she really loves me,will she stick on to me or will leave me in sometime and get a new boy friend.

    I kindly request u people to help me in this because I'm emotionally getting attracted to her. What should I do to clear my doubts.

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    Default Re: a gal who jus broke up with her guy is now in love with me

    You're a rebound guy. Sorry dude but there's not much you can do to get around that.

    The moment realizes she has you, the 'rebound illusion' will be shattered and she won't be interested anymore and she'll tell you she needs to "work out her feelings".

    You've got three options:

    A) Just use the opportunity to your advantage for easy sex, don't get too attached to her, expect the inevitable.
    B) If you truly think she's special, let things run their course. When the inevitable does happen, tell her you're cool with giving her space and time to figure things out and tell her to get back in touch when she's ready. It's unlikely, but this is your absolute best shot at turning it into a long-term relationship.
    C) If you don't think you can accomplish A or B without getting too emotionally attached and you're worried of getting hurt, you should respectfully tell her that she just came out of a relationship and you like her but feel she's not quite ready to date yet.

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