Hello guys its my first time in the forum and i come with a thing that's driving me nuts...

Its all begins with someone that i met online but i went into a relationship so i kinda left her in the "ready only" zone.

In February i broke up with my girlfriend and asked this girl to hang out on March 02 (Saturday) and for my surprise she accepted.

Everything went well on the night ... Even making few errors on the early game (caused by the damn anxiety) i closed the night with a KC and drove her back home (she live with her parents so no big deal about going in).

After that i've applied the freezing rule waiting her to call me back than she did on thursday. When i tried to hang out with her again on the weekend she told that she was with a friend that will sleep over and she wasn't in the mood to go out on that day and they had plans for sunday... That was suck but's okay...

Over that next week she didn't call me back so i called back on friday asking about her plans for the weekend and she replied saying she was going to watch a friend who is starting as a singer in a band on some kinda of backyard show. Once she didn't invite me i just said i was free on the sunday and would be nice to go out for something light like a movie or a dinner but than she told that probably would be in a cousin's house so she wouldn't go out.

Ok so. Last week i didn't received anything from her and till now nothing.

I'm pretty sure its actually dead but i want to know what you guys have to say about it. What i did wrong ? I've another question but i will ask in another topic to avoid confusion.

See ya !