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Thread: Does friend like me?

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    Default Does friend like me?

    Ok so I have known this girl for about 4 years now and 3 years i started to like her a lot. We've always had chemistry together and most people think we are dating or whatever. Then a mutual girl friend told her that I liked her and that went south cuz that made me look not like a man so it was too late for me to make a move or anything so i got over her. Fast forward to the present, she has been in 2 crappy relationships where she is extremely attracted to the guy but the guy can give two craps about her. I'll warn you guys now that she has low self esteem and because of these relationships and with how her life is going she has been depressed. When we both have problems we usually help each other out obviously cuz we are friends. The last guy she was with left to the Marines so she was sad about that but a bit better cuz he wouldnt treat her bad. We were supposed to hang out on St. Patty's day but she became extremely depressed because she didnt get this job she really wanted so she felt like a loser. I went to hang out with her thursday at a bar with her friends and of course they drunk out of their minds. She was literally all over me holding my hand, putting her arms around me, grinding on me etc. and she was explaining to me that I was one of the few people that cares about her. She hugged me, smelled my neck, said i smelled amazing and bit my neck playfully, so i did the same with her. Later she tells me she got a brazilian landing strip wax and unzippered her pants and showed and told me to feel the hair. Then later she was fixing her bra and her boobs almost popped out and she said I dont mind if you see. So with all of this going on, In my head i was like this girl must really want me. Then this guy Rob came (he has hooked up with her best friend Jen and came because Jen wanted him to and they both really like each other)and my friend kinda diverted her attention from me to him because this guy is a lot of fun. We went to another bar and at this point now Im drunk as hell (alcohol is the worse cuz it brings out demons) and we are all having fun. Then I see Jen and ask her where my friend is. Jen said that she went upstairs with Rob and she thinks that they were making out. So now in my drunk stupor i got pissed because i thought she wanted me and Jen was pissed too. We both confronted Rob and my friend but they swore nothing happened. I pulled my friend aside and basically started yelling at her and she told me to leave. But i stood my ground and said no and told her fine I believe you. As i stood there she continued to dance by herself and then she came up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I was still so pissed, drunk, and confused that I didnt think twice to escalate. We left the bar and she slept over Jen's house. I was wandering around trying to get to the train not knowing what was going on and trying to figure out if my so called friend actually wanted something more or she was just comfortable with me but that kissed really put me towards her wanting something more. She texted me if i was ok and I texted her "is it really bad that i want to be with you right now??" she responded with "yes. bad. goodnight.". I told her i was one of the few people that care about her (which is what she said to me earlier) and she said obviously and she wanted me to know that she cared about me too. then she said for me to text her when i get home to make sure i was okay. The next day i apologized for the way i acted and she said not to worry about it and asked if i had fun. So after this long story, I wanted to know your guys' opinion on this. Does she want to hook up with me? Is she attracted to me (i think she is with the way she was acting), is she looking for a rebound with me? (btw most guys she sleeps with or guys dates are guys that are within her social circle; shes not the type of girl that can hook up or date strangers because she has social anxiety), pretty sure she doesnt want a relationship with what we texted each other at the end of the night (i think most of her relationships actually start out with her hooking up with the person multiple times then wanting the dating/relationship afterwards). I am attracted to her immensely and would love to hook up with her and if a relationship happens, so be it but it's strange to me because we are close friends. Also if there was a chance there, did i mess it up and can i fix it?

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    Default Re: Does friend like me?

    Whats this the matrix? Please put in paragraph and simplify. Thanks.

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