Hi gurus,

I am a newbie so I need help. Yesterday I fished a whale in the park. She was running but I stopped her and after 20 mins of talking (and walking) I made the rapport and got her number.

At night I sent her a good SMS and got a great answer. she said it was very nice and interesting talking to me. Then I sent a text, she replied. Then I sent the 3rd one but she did not reply (it was 11pm).

I want to ask her out and I don't want to spoil her because she was very good. my questions are:

1- Is it important that where I invite her? say is a breakfast/brunch good?

2- Do I have to wait for a specific period of time before asking her out?

3- Do I need to exchange more messages before I ask her out?

4- What should my message be like? what content, words etc?