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    Default Freeze out backfired

    Ok so this girl that I've been interested in for a little while has gone cold recently. We both like each other, the whole friend circle already knows whats going on, but she's hesitant on taking it further.
    I started freezing her out to raise value and project an overall image of confidence (which I was) to get her going... and it worked for a while. Really well.
    Then she just started going cold, she still responds to texts and when we hang out she's basically hanging off me, but thats only in groups. She's been blowing me off for hangouts and now I have to initiate conversation because maybe the repeated freeze outs have her disinterested?

    How can I fix this? I've been dating other girls to get my mind off her (and being interested in someone else does wonders for my game for some reason). But I'm putting a lot of effort into this, don't know why...
    Any advice would be great.

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    Default Re: Freeze out backfired

    If she's still hanging all over you when you guys hang out just pull her aside for a second and find out whats up. Ask her out and if not find out whats going on, a lot of times girls appreciate the honesty and straight forwardness. It saves you a lot of time if she's been beating around the bush for a while and wasting your time, and at least this way you get a straight answer and know whether to keep trying or to leave it, and if she is into you it will give her a wake up call and let her know you don't have time to play around. I'd say try texting her again, see how she acts around you next time you guys are together, and if you are still getting mixed signals pull her aside.
    "Act like you're interested, not like you care."

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