So I've been reading about pickup for about 2 years now but am still pretty bad with it. I feel like I've taken in sooo much information, but haven't actually put any of this to use. I broke up with my girl friend of a year and a half (my first real relationship) about 3-4 months ago and have been struggling. I've felt great when m game is on (rarely), but just like a chump AFC when I'm off most of the time. Since this relationship I feel like it's about time I start moving on but I really can't. I've moved on in the sense that I know we shouldn't be together, but I can't get actually get over it. My goal is to start PUA over and start from the bottom and work my way up. my question to you would be where do I start when it comes to actual interaction? I've read plenty and know all of the basics and fundamentals, but what should I actually start working on first? Approaching girls, or what? and if so then what next?