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    Default Should we neg a girl if she DHVs to us?

    If a girl demonstrates high values to us, should we neg her?

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    Default Re: Should we neg a girl if she DHVs to us?

    A girl demonstration high value to you is an IOI. It means that she is trying to prove herself to you, and that she is seeking for your approval.

    It is generally a good idea to Neg her if she does this. The reason so is because while dropping DHV's, she is trying to put herself higher than you. You do not want this. You are the one who's on the pedestal, and she has to work up to your standards.

    In order to drop a successful Neg on this part, you need to be extremely observant of details and you also need to be witty. This includes physical and conversational. Your overall goal of dropping the Neg is saying "Hey, that's interesting, but it hasn't won me over". Here is an example of a Neg after a DHV:

    Her: "Yea, I'm a model"
    You: "Oh, sweet, like a foot model?"

    Keep in mind that there is a difference between a Neg and an insult. An insult is just hurtful, while a Neg is playful. Always do a Neg with a smile, and try not to be a d1ck about it

    I would recommend checking out all of the Neg threads on here, and also to read some humor stuff. I'm really good with Negs because of my humor writer backgrounds, and I often study it as well.
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    Default Re: Should we neg a girl if she DHVs to us?

    It depends what she is DHVing about, some girls will open up and tell you something they keep close and don't usually tell someone who's just a stranger. In this situation a statement of intent or escalation will work well here as long as you keep it in the frame that you're rewarding her.

    With that being said if she's bragging or telling you she's cool it does mean she wants your validation and in this case it would be a no brainer to neg or tease her.

    This all comes down to calibration. Know what girl you're dealing with and how they reach to negs, teasing and SOI. Example a party girl who tells you something cool she can do, this is where you neg her. Another example if you're out on a date with an accomplished girl, who's hot, rarely gets hit on but she values her inner qualities this is where you connect and bring in a SOI and escalate. Different girls for different situations it's all about being socially aware of what you should do.

    Plus think about what stages of the interaction you're at. If you're at the attraction stages then negging and teasing would be the way forward. If you come off too strong or almost needy with an SOI here she will not give you value and instead think you're weak like the rest of the chodes out there. On the flip side if you're in comfort and you go for negging then things can go sour. That's why push-pull and teasing is left mainly for attraction and not for comfort but it's not all dogmatic.
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