Hi All.

I am not new to woman or to reading this forum, but this is my first post here. Appreciate some help and advice..
The story is fairly long so am doing bullet points to make it easier to read..

* I met a girl last Sept/Oct at an event.
* We really hit it off but she had a bf standing nearby
* Wouldn't give tel number but gave it the 'im on facebook'
* I added her a few days later but she didnt respond.
* 4 weeks later, I emailed her one line and she didnt reply.
* I know she saw it as there is a read receipt.

At this point, I should have given up. I would do normally, but I actually really liked this girl and was so sure it wasnt a dead loss. - despite the bf.

* 4 weeks ago I wrote her an email on FB.
* Mentioned that I enjoyed meeting her, thought she had something rare and that we should meet for a coffee.
* Didnt go overboard about her being amazing, beautiful or any sh1t like that. Just kept it simple.
* On the same day, she finally accepted my Friend request (giving hope).. but then nothing.
* My birthday was last week and i got alot of messages from cute girls and I uploaded a proper face pic of me.
* No happy birthday message from her. That was last straw for me. I had scratched the itch, so was forgetting about her now.. genuinely.
* Low and behold..Last night, she emails me?!.. :

Hey (name), how are things? Thanks for yr message and I am sorry for being retarded at Facebook... Generally I suck at mod comms! Coffee sounds good. How's Sunday?

so.. where the hell do I go with this now? here are my thoughts..

* I dont buy her excuse. As her friend on FB, I can see she is liking things and there is some activity there every day or so..
* is it Worth meeting regardless - she may have a good reason for all of this i.e. boyfriend/ex
* I dont want to be AFC and I wasnt when we met. DO I agree to Sunday?. or suggest another day?..
* How should I be when I meet her.. whats my approach?.
* If she asks what I liked about her.. i may just respond 'you were quite funny for a girl'. nothing more..