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Thread: How to deal with this girl showing mixed signals

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    Default How to deal with this girl showing mixed signals

    There is one girl I've known for about two months and she was giving mixed signals, behaved kinda weird for someone who just wants to be a friend.

    So the thing is.. last time I talked with that girl about some sh1t what girls like etc.. and she told me that girls have no idea what they want and later everything came so far that she realized I want to take her out so she immediately replied that no idea is gonna help me here. I followed with ah really, not even a balloon ride? She said no I told you and I said don't be sure about that girl, you told you have no idea what you want.

    She said that she does so I said yeah, tell me about it and she was like oou well, hm.. I can`t tell you that while looking more down. Then we said goodbye..

    The thing is. She said that thing about no idea is gonna help me very confident like haha, I'm the boss, you can`t win.. but then when I wanted to find out what she wants she lost her bossy behavior in a moment. She could have just told me she has a bf, seeing someone, is not interested, doesn't want a bf or anything but nooo, she threw in another "bait" to deal with.

    What I think is that she said that because if she would throw in an idea I would then be able to use it on her right on. You?

    So how should I proceed next time? I`m planning to show her persistence. I was thinking to say something like Hey, have you thought when are we going to grab that coffee? She can they say that she told me last time about it and I then say what about? I have never lived for the past to show her I really don`t care about what she is saying. And if she replies something I don`t like I just say that was the second best joke I heard today etc. If she hesisates I can even ask her if she has bf (I know she doesnt) and then say so wehere`s the problem them etc..

    Would this kind of approach be okay here or do you suggest anything else?

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: How to deal with this?

    Dude, you're trying to hard and letting her control the cards

    If she knows you want her and will keep trying, then you let her control how, when, and if you see each other

    You need to step away, and pursue others

    You can't be so invested in one girl unless she's your girlfriend and she's earned it
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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    Default Re: How to deal with this?

    Don't get emotional with a girl. It's your way of saying "hey chick, you control me, I'm in the palm of your hand". It's a situation where you fall off to her frame, so it's a situation where your value is lower than hers.

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