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    Default We talk sexually, I put myself into a hole tho..


    An HB and I hooked up (k-close) on New Year's Eve, ever since then we have kept in touch. I was away playing sports in another town for the next full 2 months (so until the end of February) but I was able to get home a few times for us to hang out at my house, I routinely (k-closed and took as much of her clothes off as well, pushed hard for an f-close but she is a virgin) so everything was going great. I got home at the end of February then we hung out again. This time she came over really late at night and we hooked up all night until the wee hours of the morning and she ended up just staying over at my house that night. Still no f-close.. she is a virgin.

    About a week after this (earlyish March) we planned on hanging out again really soon but then I could feel things changing, she was becoming more distant and not starting any text threads, etc etc. So I find out that her ex boyfriend wants to get back together with her, and she was heart broken by him the year before so I tried to play it cool and let her have her choice on what she wanted. So obviously she chose him as I guess she was still in love with him. Not much I could do there. So I detracted myself as much as possible but it was evident I liked her and told her so, but after that I recovered by becoming really distant etc.

    After this happens I would text her here and there nothing serious and then about 2-3 weeks ago they had a meltdown and he broke up with her (or stopped seeing her) and she texted me really drunk one night saying she really liked me and said we should have sex etc. (Obviously a rebound text and she hooked up with tons of girls/guys that night.) But I was overly drunk and was all for it etc. I failed to see this at the time as I still like her. So ever since then we have been texting/talking but she always seems to be busy, she has exams in university so I understand it.

    We had plans about a week and a half ago to hang out, she wanted to postpone for 2 hours later and I just told her that I had some other things to do, so we postponed for this past monday and she completely forgot about it because of studying etc. So I told her I don't know if I have time for this and that it was really inconsiderate on her part and I put her in the friendzone, she was upset with this and then I thought I made a wrong decision so we started talking again (whenever we talk I lead the frame to a really sexual frame). I told her yesterday we should hang out soon, but I don't actually care if we do or not. She responded with "I don't think I have time for people who "don't actually care." So I phoned her up and said that mistakes were made, that I didn't actually mean that and was sorry. We now have a meet up set-up for Tuesday which I organized later last night after I said that during the day. I am not going to text her at all as she seems a bit distant with me right now, not responding to all of my texts etc.

    She is going to a big college party Saturday night, (we have a college and uni in the town im in) with the whole college mens baseball team going to be there. She is going with a bunch of her girlfriends who I believe are "sluts" so do I tell her anything? I found this out as before we had plans for tuesday i asked what she was doing saturday and she replied with above. So I responded ok, tuesday after 8 works with me and she ok or something like that, then I tried to neg her about not showing up with no response.

    So I may have a bit of a oneitis, but I just don't want her to hook up with other guys as I am way to invested but I know this so I am trying to become un-invested etc.

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    Default Re: We talk sexually, I put myself into a hole tho..

    The ''I don't have time'' really killed it. Everything was great basicly but you through the wrong words in the wrong times, happended to me before. She clearly texted you back ''If you don't have time for me, I don't have time for you''

    If a girl ever tells you I don't have time its because she doesn't care about you. I had a date yesterday with a girl and she really had to go to this study session with her class. She kept texting me how she was sorry and felt bad. I told her before hand that I understood that she's pressed in time, after cheering her up I told her to next time she takes ME out. To her its like a message saying ''When you want to hang out, come see me''.

    If you're going to that party, you should go and talk to her and Isolate her so her friends don't get in the way, if you really like her tell her but before telling her you like her, make clear what you meant with ''I don't have time'' and tell her you like her an other day. At the party (if you're going) You should only worry on fixing things up. From what I see with your game, you're pretty good. Now you should analize your situation, see what's the problem and fix it. Basicly with any girl, you never want them to feel as if you don't care about them. Give them a real meaning of ''friend'' with a huge touch of flirting into, so you arn't her gay friend XD. You're doing good, just fix what you told her. And make sure, pleaaase ! You don't sound needy, you want to maintain your frame the way it is.

    - PS:

    This is what she texted me when I told her I was going to meet her up.

    *Her telling me she couldn't come as I told her I'm about to leave to meet up*
    Me: </3

    stop it im heart broken myself
    ur mad right ?? I know
    i have an exam this Monday and i swear im lost

    Being unaffected by these type of things make game so better haha.
    ablindman's new account, pm me if you need help.

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