K , so here's the scoop : I just moved out to a new state for a job . Total new atmosphere and I am super confident and do not get timid to make an approach at a club scene. Basically I been going out with a few buddies on the weekend ( who do not know about pua at all) . I approach and use some lines I make up myself, I try not to use what's been said or done. Anyways I broke down a stats list , so with the lines I've used it's been 11/13 for bringing girls back to our hotel... The only problem is the transition for the lay . I mean the disadvantages I ve come across is that me and my coworkers share 1 bed room apartment studio size hotel and most the time we be brought three girls back with only myself and other coworker. So I need help to transition from weirdness and over talking . I kinda sense over talking being or biggest default . Any advice on what to do ( other then try to get them to go for a walk or to car ) ???