So Here's the scenario. This gorgeous Perfect ten girl took interest in me. I don't know if it is just as friends or not. She is a vegetarian that eats at the restaurant I work at. Every time she comes in all the guys gawk. I just made simple conversation. So one day I run into her outside of work and she gave me her number.

Since then she often texts me to say Hello. I tried setting up dates and she agreed to them but when the time came she was Always too busy.

Now, I'm moving out of the area in two months and she knows. She text me...

Hey, we should get dinner before you go. I asked her when she had time. We ended up agreeing on a coming Monday. I said, That's after work for me so I won't look my best so you better wear sweats and a granny bun. She didn't respond to this. A few hours later I text her, No pity laugh for my joke? That's cold. She responded, Lol you're funny. I was just busy earlier.
To this I responded, my humor was just too sophisticated And to get back at me when she wasn't busy.

Now again she is obvioualy flirting with me. Change of voice, Flirty touching, Always smiles. So I believe she's interested. I need advice on actually getting this date with her and some potential tips on How to close.