An HB and I hooked up (k-close) on New Year's Eve, ever since then we have kept in touch. I was away playing sports in another town for the next full 2 months (so until the end of February) but I was able to get home a few times for us to hang out at my house, I routinely (k-closed and took as much of her clothes off as well, pushed hard for an f-close but she is a virgin) so everything was going great. I got home at the end of February then we hung out again. This time she came over really late at night and we hooked up all night until the wee hours of the morning and she ended up just staying over at my house that night. Still no f-close.. she is a virgin.

About a week after this (earlyish March) we planned on hanging out again really soon but then I could feel things changing, she was becoming more distant and not starting any text threads, etc etc. So I find out that her ex boyfriend wants to get back together with her, and she was heart broken by him the year before so I tried to play it cool and let her have her choice on what she wanted. So obviously she chose him as I guess she was still in love with him. Not much I could do there. So I detracted myself as much as possible but it was evident I liked her and told her so, but after that I recovered by becoming really distant etc.

After this happens I went NC and she would text me here and there nothing serious and then about 2-3 weeks ago they had a meltdown and he broke up with her (or stopped seeing her) and she texted me really drunk one night saying she really liked me and said we should have sex etc. (Obviously a rebound text and she hooked up with tons of girls/guys that night.) But I was overly drunk and was all for it etc. I failed to see this at the time as I still like her. So ever since then we have been texting/talking (mostly me initiating as I was in a somewhat needy state, I broke out of that, I was having a bit of confidence issues and got it under control) but she always seems to be busy, she has exams in university so I understand it. We had a meet up planned for tomorrow. Also to note, her ex got another girlfriend about a week ago, and she was extremely heartfelt by it, she told me she couldn't even breathe... (I did not console her or talk about her ex at all with her, whenever she brought it up, I changed the subject)

Here is where I fuck up (this next part is mostly texting with a few phone calls.) She was supposed to go to a big college sports team party with 90% of the partiers being a male baseball team. It got cancelled. But before I knew it was cancelled, I encouraged her to go but I said we must make a few boundaries. She asked what type and then she said that she wasn't ready for any of this and that I deserve a girl that will actually treat me right. (She is right, I have gone thru a lot of shit, but we have a good connection.) I responded that I totally agree with her, and that its the best thing for both of us. She responded with A girl like me doesn't deserve a guy like you. I responded later like 6 hours and said "haha don't worry about it." I know I should have left it but I was drunk and have not texted her since.

I wasn't actually aware that she said all of this because she loves her ex. It clicked in to my head today so my question is, do I continue No Contact or what?

Oh ya, I unfollowed her on twitter, she made a tweet after saying "Everytime I say something you don't want to hear you unfollow me.. #juststop #immature" I did not sub tweet her at all and have since then posted pictures of me with my buddies and a few party pics. I have not posted any afc statuses as I have learnt in the past I also have her blocked on my facebook news feed so her stories don't come up and I deleted her number. Any other suggestions?