Hi guys,
Last Friday evening, when it was heavily raining, I spotted a (Russian) HB8 while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. When she passed I drove a bit and stopped a bit further up, then stopped her, got her number and offered a lift! While giving her a lift I told her that me and my friends were going clubbing on that night and she was welcomed to join us! She joined us the same night and I practiced a bit of Kinoing with her in the club which ended up to kissing so passionately in the bar so that the security was just about to kick us out :-)

I was intended to take her home but on my way home she said we had met only a few hours ago and it would be too fast blah blah and she denied to come to my house. Though we again met next afternoon and spent several hours (including 2 hours in my house) and kissed a lot but no sex!

I want to call or text her and make her meet up again. My questions are:

1- Do I have to stop contacting her for a day or so?
2- If not, what text or message would make her intrigued to meet up?
3- What action or word will make her convinced to sleep with me if kissing and kinoing and all those stuff did not?

She verbally said she liked me and she grabbed my hands all the time so I received every IOIs you can imagine except for sex!

Please help