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K-Closed. Thanks guys.

So it begins. She continues to be a brat :P It must be her style. I'll push for an F-Close but I have a feeling it'll take a while with her temperament and inexperience. I'll continue to read the forums but if you have some awesome tips, please, insert links here
It gives me great joy to see you succeed man.Good Job!!
On the f-close simply invite her over to play pool or any activity where you are both doing something together.run kino on her the whole time, then f-close.

be sure to tease her a bit.as in say you are kissing her make sure to pull away. .build anticipation.the rest of what i want to communicate might be a bit graphic am sure you'll find information here.however yes i'll update this thread.

hey you may also blog on how it went down.

one more thing when you see her on that date kiss her.i mean when you first come into contact with her.if you don't arm brushing is cool.Then you may do what i stated above in this post.