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    Default Going on first date with HB8 Bartender. Need some help with questions.

    I've been doing some reading about first dates, texting, setting up dates...and shit tests. Tomorrow will be dedicated to Kino. However...a lot of that least the stuff I found...was dedicated to bar pick-ups.

    To see the whole situation:

    1st Link -

    2nd Link -

    Now.....for my questions:

    1: Should I ...if ever, get the girl a gift (flowers...etc) for the first date? I ask this because I was thinking about getting some sort of small "figurine" and calling it badass...and doing some sort of anchoring with it. Reference the 2nd link that has our text messaging convo....

    2: What if the girl wants a drink on the first date, Should I buy it for her? Obviously...we're out doing the date thing, so it's not like a bar pickup. Should I make her work for it? Could you give me examples of what to do if we go drinking? Should I just automatically buy the first round...then make her get the second?

    3: I texted her, she didnt text me back. Over a day goes by and she acknowledges the text message finally. I've been ignoring her text...will be calling her the day before the date. Should I acknowledge that I havent contacted her?

    4: What should I do if she doesn't answer the phone call? Give it an hour and call back? Or text her and have her call me?

    Thanks guys. I've been taking notes on this while I'm asking about this particular situation...I will be applying it to other sets and hookups.

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    Default Re: Going on first date with HB8 Bartender. Need some help with questions.

    No gifts on a first date! It makes you look as though you're trying too hard. Do not buy gifts unless you are actually in a relationship.

    Buying a drink is ok in this context, if you buy the first round she'll probably by the second. If she doesn't she's one to kick to the curb.

    Don't pull her up on her slow response times it makes you look like you have nothing better to do than wait around for her texts.

    I don't recommend calling. It's a bit awkward and the girls I've dated don't pick-up unless they've already been on a date. Just text to confirm.

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