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    Default Need help with text game after getting number online

    Hey guys,

    I've been using POF/OKC for a couple months on and off and it's usually been quite good online. I'll open up with something smart, funny and close on the 5th-6th msg on most girls that i'm into. Now when I get the # i seem to really be screwing things up, I swear i've had so many numbers now and met maybe just a few.

    I've tried texting them asap, 30min-2hrs later, the next day ( when i get the number). 1hr seems solid to me and has worked well. I'll usually open with "hey this is alex from pof, i just texted you what are your next two wishes" or something funny from our convo etc.

    I know to never double text or text pretty fast back so this isn't the problem, it's just when do i stop texting them into the convo? how fast should i go for the date? I always go for that weekend for the first date so a few days after i get the #. I've gotten into trouble not ending the text conversation first and then having to wait for them to text back ( sometimes they do, sometimes they and ill have to retext to get the convo going). Any suggestions/ideas/help with this guys?

    Basically, the flow of convo and the vibes really seem to die after day1. It all goes swell online and the first few texts, but after that poof. They quickly lose what interest they've had.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Need help with text game after getting number online

    Online game is somewhat text game to me cuz you text right.yep.
    There are a few differences in dynamics but seriously.

    Your problem may come from your follow up after getting their number.Girls are really familiar with patterns when they are attracted and if you keep going over the same things you did,its not dominant.You should learn how to or plan how you will ask them out.

    When you get their number you may call them and have a conversation if they seem engaged go for the meetup.tell them where the time and place you will meet.

    On the date escalate!!.

    On convo dying make sure you do not ask questions but instead use statements as much as possible.this will require practice.the reason why your content seems to run out is you may be relying too much on material.what you could also do is split your content.

    Say online you thread this way, on phone you'll use this conversation, this technique.The number of times you thread doesn't matter, its the quality of the interaction thats important.To be specific keeping your interactions brief, splitting your content, and having escalation in mind whilst looking for windows of opportunity or taking them yourself.when your practicing is best to just look out for windows at first.GoodLuck

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