Hi guys!

My first post. I have a specific question here.
Short description of my situation.
The girl that im interested in is only 18 and im already 26. The thing is that she added me on facebook like 9 months ago, and we have never talked once (i never met her before in real life either). The reason that she added me is that i was on a tv-show, and she had great respect for me. At that time i was dating someone else, so i didn;t matter for me whether i became friends with this girl or not, and we lived in two different countries.

Now that i have broken up with my ex, this girl comes in. She is properbly the most stunning girl of all my facebook friends. I'm going back to her country so there is actually a chance. So i opened her through facebook and we had a short chat, and i got the basic info. She is still single, never had a BF before etc...And i know that there are MANY MANY guys chasing her.

Sound easy right? Now comes the hard part. After some talking i noticed she really looks up to me, and sees me as a role model figure instead of a love potential. Which makes me think that she thinks that im way out of her league and that i would never be interested in a girl like her. I have many fans, fairly good looking, rich, good acadamic record. Now i have 1 month left before i go to her country to actually set up a date. In the mean time i need to build comfort and make her attracted to me. The thing is, she is not the talk active type, so i have to initiated a lot, and she replies very slow.

To sum it up, what should i do and how can i raise the attraction in this 1 month time before i can call her out for a date? Should i be more direct? Normally im very direct and can get girls fairly easily in real life. The thing is that i now have to create attraction online and keep it for 1 whole month. Some help please!