So I was at the 7 eleven today and this total raven haired cutie walked in behind me so I held the door for her and stuff, looked her in the eye and then proceeded to go about my business.

After checking my lottery ticket I picked up a bag of beef jerky and went to go pay. The clerk accidentally rang it up as ONLY .59, so I quickly paid and attempted to make off like a bandit as quickly as I could with a twisted ankle.

I get about 1/2 way to my car when I hear "excuse me sir you come pay the rest I only charge 0.59" I started to be like
"It's already on my card what should we do"

and he's all like "no,no,no you come pay"

me: "you're really gonna make me walk all the way back there ect." purposely being loud about it which worked as it started to get the cutie's attention who was inside now waiting at the counter.

So we go back in and the clerk is like: "I'm sorry sir this is my fault, they make me do this or i get accused of no doing job properly ect."

Me: "Come on man do your job properly....seriousl y WTH"

Cutie now standing beside me starts chuckling.

Clerk: "I know I know, thank you sir"

Me: "Now that's settled I guess you get to keep your job...YOU"RE WELCOME"

Cutie beside me start pissing her pants I turn to her, look at her and she is blushing looking at me fondly with a glow.

I then draw a blank and walk out of the store. Something I thought about when I got to my car is could have said

"Hey do you want to come to the park with me right now hide in the bushes and throw stuff at senior citizens?"


"what are you smiling at does this look like a comedy club to you"?

Or at least I should have done something other than draw a blank. Is there anything I can do in this situation or some kind of exercise I can practice that will help me to follow through the next time I am in this situation to transition into a conversation?