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    Default Closing a 40+ woman on a saturday late night

    Hey guys, I am new to the pua world. Dunno how I didnt join earlier. Let me ask you guys about a recent situation.

    So its saturday night, I went out with a couple of friends. At around 2am, we decide to leave, I stayed back at a coffee shop to sober up. 3 women are ahead of me in the queue, around 40-45. We start talking, one of them was insanely hot. We talk for a couple of minutes, I ask if I can join them, they say yes. So we sit and talk for 30 minutes or so. I sit next to the hot one, but I try talking to everyone. I thought I was doing pretty well, even though I am usually shy. The conversation goes from organic foods to google, blah blah. I mention a couple of times that I find her hot, casually but clearly. The other two tease her a bit about it. Finally, I get time to talk to "her" aside. We lean back in our seats, so that its further away from the other two. She asks how old I am (28), and says shes 45, and has a daughter around my age (puts me off a little). The conversation went pretty smoothly for 5 min or so before the shop guy comes over to say its closing time. She seemed into me though, but hey I might be overconfident here. We go out, I put my hand at her waist, and she hangs back to chat for a minute while the other two move forward. She says I should call her sometime for a hair cut (she owns a saloon). I say I would love to .. but ask if shes single. She says no, she usually doesnt go out but just that her husband is away today (puts me off further). I say may be i'll call but I dont have a phone on me so cant take her number. She mentions the store name and address so that I can find her. We hug and I plant a little kissie on her cheek and one on her shoulder. They leave.
    Never been so conflicted before. I get a feeling may be I could have asked her to stay back while her friends leave. But she wasnt single, so it just somehow didnt feel right. I am new to the US, still setting into the cultural norms. I know people here are very passionate about their work. So did she just ask me to call her to leverage my obvious attraction to her to bring her business ? Or was it more ? Not regretting what I did, since she isnt single. But trying to figure out the language of dating/hookups here. Would love to know your thoughts. Is there anything else I could have done/said to make her intentions more explicit ?

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    Default Re: Closing a 40+ woman on a saturday late night

    I get a feeling may be I could have asked her to stay back while her friends leave
    you could've but would it have been worth the dramas later on, shes got a husband, not sure if you endorse the cheating part (if anything were to happen) but i'll leave that to your morals

    overall i think you did good, carry your phone on u next time -_-

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