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    Default you can take my facebook

    Is this really a "bad" outcome to an interaction. Being told that you cant take her number but can take her facebook.

    I haven't heard much discussion on this topic but in my experience I have seen it described as a write-off, and for me it has always been such.

    Does anyone disagree that getting a facebook is a bad thing

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    Default Re: you can take my facebook

    Getting a FB is not a bad thing if she insisted. But not when she bounces off your number request into a FB request. That is bad.

    Usually means that you just asked too early. Build some more comfort and try to have a legit reason to get her number and not just for the sake of having it.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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    Default Re: you can take my facebook

    I just had the same thing happen to me a couple of weekends a girl. I tried to make coffee plans with a girl, but she gave me her Facebook and told me to hit her up. I never did because I lost interest in her the next day, but she never tried to re-initiate contact with me and I haven't seen her since.

    In my opinion, it isn't certain death if she gives you her Facebook, but it isn't gold either. Now being into my studies on female psychology quite a bit, I have discovered that a woman's methods and reasons for rejection can be defined in two different categories: Complete Rejection and Delay.

    If she bumps your number and gives you her Facebook instead, that can either be her attempt to ignore you, or it can be a sh1t test to see if you will pursue. It all depends on how the interaction went. If you built the appropriate amount of rapport, and you built some attraction, then it's impartial rejection. She finds you interesting, but you have not met her requirements for her number yet. That is why she gives you her Facebook. If not, then you sir just got fired. She will either never respond to your friend request, or she will never talk to you when she does.

    So, in conclusion, the answer is yes and no, given the situation.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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