I just moved from Detroit to Atlanta a week ago for a job because I needed work and also needed adventure and /warmer weather in my life. Anyway, I've been working with this recruiting company who got me the job, originally they were going to send me to Seattle but that fell through and the girl who is my recruiter offered me Atlanta, which is coincidentally where the recruiting company is based.

So I've been working and setting things up over the phone with this recruiter (who seems my age, about 24/25) and I think she's attracted to the ways I make decisions, how I handle myself in tough situations, and the inspiring story I told her about why I went into my profession. She added me on LinkedIn, and she's a babe (I have no picture on LinkedIn and you can't search for my Facebook, so she still doesn't know what I look like). When she told me what my salary would be, she added, "AND if you want I will take you out to dinner when you come to Atlanta." She kept saying she wanted to take me to dinner but I kept ignoring it because there was still work to do and I figured I'd deal with it when everything got settled with my new job.

So today I'm at the third day of my new job. I check my email, and there's an email from her, at the end of it it says:

"On an unofficial note, I know I promised dinner, but if you’re looking for something to do this weekend. I am going to (links to a couple events in ATL; a bar golfing tournament and a brewery concert)*with a fun group. If you’re interested you should definitely tag along!*"

Now, I know I'm at least a moderately physically attractive guy, so I was never quite 100% sure if the PUA stuff was being aided by my looks, but after I attracted this girl entirely over the phone without her seeing me, Im amazed. Now Im certain it's ALL personality and presentation.

With that said, I'm thinking of responding to her email like, "sounds great. Text me the info. Lets hope your partying skills are as good as your recruiting skills." If that's lame, please let me know. Any other comments/suggestions about how to respond/act when I meet up with her would be great too. It's out of my comfort zone to hang out with a group of people who all know each other but don't know me. I don't want to lose my cool and act awkward. I need to have a healthy frame. Suggestions please!