I've been seeing this girl on and off for a while now, and recently she's become unbearable with the sh1t tests. Recently her thing has been getting jealous constantly. If she sees me look at a girl, even for a second, she gets jealous. If I mention an ex she gets jealous. If a girl talks to me, even to ask an innocuous question like how to get to such-and-such place, she gets jealous. It's even gotten to the point where if I go out with friends without her, even if it's just hanging out at someone's house, she'll get jealous and think I'm trying to meet other girls and fark them.

I assume this is a good sign (Showing that I'm high value to her and she doesn't want to lose me), but it's getting worse and worse as time goes on. Once she gets a touch of jealousy she has it spiral out of control, to the point where she'll bring up other stuff. I try and defuse it by joking with her or changing the subject, but it happens so frequently that it's, quite frankly, exhausting.

Should I just cut her loose? She's a cool girl overall, but I've found that any relationship I'm in just gets worse as time goes on (Never better) as the commitment grows due to their constant sh1t testing to prove my value. I hate drama and being nagged, and once this begins it just increases in severity and intensity.