so during a bbm conversation with a girl i msg almost at times non stop all day, i started some extremely cocky banter about how totally amazing i was because i felt i was losing control. this girl, who has previously been VERY complementary towards me responded a couple of times by saying 'nooooo ur just alright' (bbm notinterestedface)

eventually i got her back to saying 'jk ur unreallll' (smileys) just wondering is there a way to know what she really thinks, is there a chance that actually does think im 'just alright'?

is this overly cocky approach a good tactic?

ps since i got her turned back with that message i initiated no contact (several hours) and she tried to send me several messages, pings and a picture to try to get me chatting again. suitable time for a short no contact period? such i continue the no contact for much longer?

maybe im way over thinking this but new to game and as always any advice appreciated!