Alright so theres this girl in my class she is very hot. I talk to her sometimes in class, sometimes she turns around to talk to me. She is the hottest girl in school, many people would agree with me on that. So i found out that someone was "deeling" with her, and asked her she said hmmm maybe we will date. She is always hanging around with the same douchebag no one likes in school. So I see her in the halls and i told her that she deserves better then that douche, especialy the guy in class that sits beside her is very nice, he will take care of her. She agreed and told me she doesnt see anything in the guy she is kinda with. So i walked around with her and she stopped all of the sudden waiting for the guy to come out of his class. I told her she looks very stupid doing this, especially with him. She says a lotta ppl tell her hes wierd and douchy and ugly, etc etc. I told her well im going to straighten this out, and she asked what im going to do. I told her that i will tell him to fuck off and give him a reality check. She laughed and wouldn't take me seriously. She said this is a hillarious manner while twirling her hair and laughing (very playfully) "i ate guys that do the talking". And i said i do aswell, that is why i will show her. I grab her to come closer to his class while she watches me talk to him. I knock on the room and teacher comes out, i tell him i need to talk to him (Ihis name is nemo), we all laughed as i poked some fun at his name with her. Teacher asked me what I wanted to talk to him about, i said his standards. We waited a minutre for his class to end. I first asked him what he does for a living, he laughed in a guilty manner. Then I got him to qualify himself a few times. Then told him that he should look himself in the mirror before talking to someone like her, and stay within his own league, etc. etc. She was laughing walking beside me, giggling. He said "why are you doing this, wtf do you want". I said im not trying to b a dick or anything, giving u a reality check, I mean look at her, she is fucking hot.... I smack her on the lower back above her ass and leave ignoring the rest that came from his mouth. She came up to me later that day, giving me a hug. Then she said I asked him why he didn't say anything. I told her well guys like him don't care much, like he didn't even defend your honour. Then She smiled, walking to her friend i stopped her for a second, and asked if she is going to prom with him. She said no, in a guilty and discusted way, as if she just changed her mind. Then i said "good, cuz ur coming with me".
She smiled and went to her friend. I left that area smiling back, happier then ever, cuz i was like "IM THE MANNNNNN" lmao. Cuz this kinda stuff happens in movies when alpha men do it. I didn't really feel guilty as he is the biggest douchebag in school, and no one likes him.
I do not have her number atm, I will get it soon. It is the weekend. Any ideas on what she thinks of me atm? Whether she is staying with him or not? or what will happen next, and what I should do next?

P.S. we talk a lot about sexual topics in class as i bring them up, along with amazing adventurous stuff, etc, etc. She told me once she wanted to get laid.