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    Default Gauging Interest in a Business Major Hottie

    TLDR: Series of strange events has me a bit confused about my standing. Regardless, I am going to ask her out on Monday or Wednesday but I want to gauge my current situation… Will update with the outcome.

    Hey guys, wanted to present my current situation and see what you guys think. I thought this might be sort of interesting and wanted to post it.

    I met a girl in one of my classes in a grad program at a university. I was interested so I started applying some light game (Mostly, DHV and some light negs) and there is no question that she thinks I am very much alpha. I want to present the three situations and have you evaluate what you think they mean. It will help me learn as well as you might
    find it interesting.

    The primary neg I used was referring to the first time we ever spoke in which she actually stumped when walking down the stairs. I made a slight crack about it and it was something like…. “Did you pull of the most graceful fall ever when we first met? You must have been impressed” I did however reduce the effect a bit so that it wouldn’t be too harsh.

    Next, I was placed in a month long project with her. During this project I did the majority of the work and ended up beating about 150 kids for grand prize. I know she was very impressed by this. However, at one point there was an off conversation referring to how girls at my school often want to marry the first guy they meet and are too clingy. I made a comment about how I was wary of girls like this. The comment was directed to no one but the girl I am interested in said something like “Ohh yeah you know I want to be married since I have a boyfriend and everything”

    Lastly, a few nights ago after we won the competition I invited my entire team out to drinks. Everyone was very excited to come. However, I had forgotten that this girl had a wedding to attend that I actually think might have been her sisters. Obviously she wouldn’t be able to come but she made sure to let me know what was going on. I want to be clear this was not cheap banter. She made it clear she actually wanted me to let her know what was going on. At the bar that night I sent her a text with a little shock value to get her attention (A talented student we both know is bad off on drugs). Later in the convo I said “I’m sure we will do this again” referring to the group getting drinks and then she said something very peculiar…. She said “Yeah, we should get drinks like after the Tax test or something”. It is very strange because I was texting her Friday night and the tax test is on Monday.

    My main questions are…..

    Evaluate the neg

    Was the boyfriend comment meant to inform me she was single or did I offend her?

    Lastly, she couldn't possibly assume everyone would go back out for drinks on a Monday after we just went our 2 days before. Therefore, is this more directed at me? I am in a dilemma because I had been planning on walking home with her since she walks to school and asking her out for drinks on Monday even before she recommended this. I don’t want her to think she is getting her way. I want it to be my idea.


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    Default Re: Gauging Interest in a Business Major Hottie

    Something to remember is that more or less girls are just like us, they're just as awkward and say weird things around guys because they're nervous just like you, and they go home and beat themselves up over saying dumb things around guys they like just like we do over them. What I'm trying to say is you can't assume everything a girl says to you is a thought out calculated statement meant to give you a certain impression, with that said don't over think the things they say because half the time it means nothing. She might have a boyfriend but that's not important, what is important is that she said you and her should go out for drinks, now whether she said it genuinely or to just appease you is a different story. Ask her out for drinks after the test and if she says yeah then it's a go. Good luck.
    "Act like you're interested, not like you care."

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