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    Default Do I wish her a Happy Bday or do I continue to freeze-out

    Hey Guys,
    Continuation from my last thread. This girl has been playing mind games with me, I froze her out for 8 days this week. On the fourth day she finally initiated a text for the first time since we first met.


    Her: Hey hows your week going?
    Her: Hey are you ok?

    The next day she called me but didnt leave message. I did not respond to her messages.

    Last night I was at the bar with friends and I received 5 missed phones calls and a text at 2am to which I finally responded. It sounded like she was drunk and she basically wanted me to pick her up and back to my place.

    Her: Where you at?

    Me: Out

    Her: Come by

    Me: Im out for the night.

    Her: Im falling asleep.

    Her: Im giving you 15min

    Me: I`ll be home in 30, if you want to come by I`ll be home.

    As per my previous thread, this scenario has happened twice before to which I responded and I picked her up only to get back to my place and left high and dry, constant mind games the entire night.

    Basically my thought process on how I handled last night is, if she wants it, she can find her way to my place, I`m not jumping through hoops for this girl, and if she plays these games I`d send her packing the same night.
    At this point I just want to sleep with her, and I feel that by freezing her out and not jumping at the snap of a finger, it may eventually happen. I feel that the tables have finally turned in my favor because she never initiates until recent.
    I have frozen her out for 8 days, with little contact until last night. Tomorrow is her birthday, do I send her a msg `Happy Birthday` or if anyone can suggest a great 're-engaging text` or do I continue to freeze her out for awhile?
    I dont want to overdo it with the freeze-out as I dont want to come across like a dick or bitter. I think she`s quite annoyed that I`m not chasing her anymore.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Do I wish her a Happy Bday or do I continue to freeze-out

    If you make it casual short and simple it works, just because it is a freeze out doesn't mean that you cannot be polite, just don't turn it into an all day affair. Keep it simple. Those three words may be the only good advise I can give you. Hope that you won the upper hand though, if so then it won't matter.
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