Hey PUA,

Here's my situation:

I met this cute girl at a professional event, and I approached her and got her laughing and all that. I said we should hang out sometime, and she said she has a bf, but still gave me her #.

A day later, she adds me on fb and we've been pm-ing everyday since. We hung out awhile later, and I'm pretty sure I got some clear IOIs from her. She brought up her LD bf and how she said how it takes courage to approach but it's too bad she's "taken" and how we can be "good friends". I asked about her bf (although I already looked him up on fb), and it was very obvious she was embarrassed about him. Not to be cocky, but I'm at least a step up in almost every way (career, money, looks, education, maturity, etc).

We got some really great chemistry, but I don't want her to cheat. I want her to break up and be with me.

She's asking to hang out again in the near future. How do I play this?