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    Default 3 Facebook conversations with 3 Gir - Please tell me what I could do better

    First and worst: Background: Cold approach that went fairly sour but I managed to fb-close her. She did not accept my request for a year. About 2 weeks after her accepting I sent her this:
    Wow you took a really long time to add me, whats up with that?

    *no reply for 2 weeks up until now (still no reply)

    Second: Approached indirectly on campus with something about her jacket. Tried to ramble on/ talk about that for a few more minutes and got her name to add on FB.
    FB Convo all via FB messages:
    My initiator:
    I checked out Its pretty pricy... Did you buy from online? I feel like the store might be cheaper

    Yeah I got it online but they were having this crazy sale and I got t like 40% off so it was good

    January 27

    Oh ok thanks. And you were in a beauty pageant? I know people who have been. You didnt look chinese either so that was surprising
    January 28

    Haha yeah I get that a lot. I'm only half.
    *sensed it might be a convo ender. Didn't want to push it

    March 15 (Weeks later I try again after never talking/seeing her)


    Hey! Hows school going? Do you have to fly all the way back to California for spring break?

    Hey! School is going well. I'm actually sticking around here for break. How are things for you?


    Good, I live close to home so it's not too big a problem. That could be a good thing though to stay over break. Dorms are closed so Im guessing you're partying it up in like an off campus apartment?

    Nope I'm at home
    *sensed this was a short, terse response on purpose. Did not try to continue

    Pretty good looking girl. Approached on campus indirectly with something, kept trying to keep the convo going with stuff I observed about her i.e. she played soccer for the school team so I asked her a bit about that. Didn't last too long. Asked for her name so I could add on FB like Ive done before. (I actually say "to add on FB" i realize how beta that sounds but sheesh I have no use for a phone number unless Im asking her on a date and/or having text conversations and I have not enough game for that) It took her like over half a week to accept. There have been quite a few girls who just ignored the request (rejected the FB request) so that's progress at least :/
    The FB convo:
    Initiated about half a week after she accepted:
    What store did you buy those boots that zip from the back? I can't find it on Google..

    Steve Madden

    Thank you!
    They are so badass

    *No response

    Girl 3 is the hottest and I really felt there was a possible connection initially but may I screwed it up or something. I sensed she cut the convo short on purpose with these short answers so I did not continue the conversation. It might just be the beta in me but I still feel I have some chance. But I somehow know it might be over. Another part of me is already saying 'she wasnt that hot anyways'
    It's been about a month-ish since then and all 3 girls still have me added on Facebook Not sure whats up with that

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    Default Re: 3 Facebook conversations with 3 Gir - Please tell me what I could do be

    1st you looked needy.

    2nd one you should have kept the conversation going, since she was receptive to you. You should have started teasing her.

    3rd one thanks for what? for answering your question? No need to thank that.

    Minus "thank you", minus "interview mode", plus teasing and flirting

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