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    Default girl texting after no contact

    so i broke off contact with a girl for a few days after a long period of steady texting because we weren't getting on the best and felt i was losing control.

    she has now texted sayin 'soooo what have i done that am not being spoken to anymore?"

    shud i reply? what shud i say? shud i pretend nothing is wrong?

    any help appreciated guys

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    Default Re: girl texting after no contact

    I got this recently from a girl who friendzoned me. I cut off communication one day and decided within myself that I wasnt going to talk to her anymore. Then one day a couple weeks later she accused me of being a stranger for not talking to her. Of course I replied but I kept it short - I'm not going to invest my time into a relationship with someone who doesn't want the same thing.

    Yours sounds a little different but I'm not sure. Maybe it's just irking her that she isn't getting the kind of attention she was before - meaning she isn't taking kindly to your freeze out. In a way though, it almost sounds like she is attempting to qualify herself so she have actually liked you and just doesn't know where it went wrong.

    Did you just quit contacting her because you thought you were getting too close to the "text buddy friend zone"?

    Im definitely no expert but if your still interested, definitely don't make it sound like something is wrong - act like nothing at all bothered you and that you have a life. I'm not sure exactly what to say - it depends where you left off before. You could always just explain that you've been busy then ask her out on a date just so she knows that you really are still interested. If she gives you an excuse for not being able to go, schedule it for a different day and time. If she gives another excuse, cut her loose. She's probably just playing games. If she accepts, end the conversion and say you have something you have to do then don't text her back until it's time to give hookup. (preferably call actually).

    Like I said, I'm no expert. I'm actually have trouble of my own with a girl right now. (see my thread if you'd like).

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