Hey guys,

So I have this female friend (20) who I am absolutely crazy about. The reason is simple: she's smart, sporty, works out, personable, happy, fun, goofy, beautiful, but most importantly, the happiest/most joyous moments that I have had that I can remember have been with her. We don't hang out very often, but when I do, it's always so much fun. Because she's so amazing, she consumes my thoughts, usually before I head to bed, but even more so when I'm tipsy/drunk.

Continuing on her, she's a really flirty girl, a natural flirt, especially with kino. She's not afraid to touch/grab/massage my leg, squeeze/slap my bum, massage my shoulders, tickle me etc., but she does the tickling thing a lot with other people. (I've tickled her back before, and told her I'm gonna get her bum back and have a long list of the times she's done it to me which I'm going to unleash in one fell swoop). She dishes out the BEST hugs, like proper, solid 4-6 second hugs, unlike the quick one/two second short ones.

Anyways, it's come to a point for me where I feel that I should go up to her and tell her that I need to put our friendship on a hiatus (she has a boyfriend) because I'm going crazy over her, and it's kind of affecting my life. My analogy for you guys as to how sh affects me is; she's like a drug, when I'm with her and around her (not quite like being on MDMA euphoria, but similar). The next day or when I leave her, I always feel slightly depressed/sad because she's seeing someone else.

She'll be my literal next-apartment neighbour for two weeks as I had some friends move out for the month, and we plan on going to the beach together, work out together etc etc.

My organization of this was pretty shoddy. Anyhow, what do you guys think I should do? Spend as much time with her as possible, then on the third or second day before she leaves, tell her that I need to put our friendship on hold?