I have learned a lot recently and want to thank everyone for their words of wisdom I have read. I have been using the techniques and been able to Nclose and Kclose a lot more often recently.
A few weeks ago I met this girl at a bar, was able to number close after talking with her for 20 minutes or so, but then had to leave the bar as my ride was leaving. We arranged to go on a date, which we did. I picked her up, went to a ball game then out to a few bars. Date went great, she was sending signals, good kino and some light kisses at the bar. After the bar we went and got some food, afterwards I asked what she would like to do. She was done drinking she said but didn't have any ideas for what next. Still being somewhat AFC I didn't invite her back to my place but took her home and made out in the drive way a bit.

The only times I have Fclosed on the first date were in college and that was after lots of booze. I need to work on my closing game with getting them back to my place. From the example above does anyone think she was wanting to come over. And are there any good threads on closing?