So a girl I had started getting closer with, kissing and overall good chemistry started becoming more detached and aloof. She no longer was responsive to flirty texts, or any advances to meet up.

So I froze her out and stopped contacting her. After week one she contacted me with light boring conversation. I responded but didn't try to keep the conversation going.

Another week plus has passed, and she has contacted me again, asking for HW help via text. Now I am not even in school anymore (and she knows this). Plus it was not to meet up, just help her via text. (which would be nearly impossible without a textbook and putting in a lot of work. So I basically blew her off and said I was too busy. (Wish I never answered the texts to begin with).

So here is my question. Did she really want hw help, or is this some kinda shit test to see if I would respond/help her? How do I proceed from here?

Thanks for reading all this bullshit.