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Thread: Help me build confidence

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    Default Help me build confidence

    Hey guys Im new here looking for some help.

    Basically my problem is that I have put p*ssy on a pedestal. (40 year old virgin term)

    So I see an attractive woman walking down the street in my direction, and I'm afraid too even look and make eye contact with her. Usually when i get about 10-15 feet away from here I pull out my cell and pretend to text. Then when i get five feet away I look at her quick to see if shes looking at me.... and if she is I quickly look away.

    I feel like woman are a target for most men. They are sick of guys looking at them and trying to pick them up.. So I respect them as much as possible, by not even talking or looking at them for fear of offending them.

    I think a big part of it is my fear of rejection. I also lack confidence in day to day life situations.

    Asking for
    Can i please get some tips and advice on how to build more confidence with woman, and even in general life. Some step by step stuff that I can progress through or just anything that will help.

    -Someone once told me to imagine that she is twice as nervous as I am.

    stuff like this

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    Default Re: Help me build confidence

    Pick up a copy of "How to be an Alpha Male" by John Alexander. It has honestly changed my life. I promise, after you read one book, you'll become hungry for more improvement, but you need to limit yourself. I had that problem for a while, I'm focusing on developing myself (I am quite young) and not my "PUA" skills, but I spent way too much time reading the books and it actually made me INSECURE.

    I would go as far to say: Don't compare yourself to an "Alpha" male and don't look at it as "improving yourself" because YOU are already PERFECT. It's learning something to new to present yourself in different ways. Developing confidence is much like a musician learning to play an instrument. It's not about changing or modifying the instrument to make it sound better, it's about learning to use what you ALREADY have.

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