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    Post Successful First Outing, Then Surprise Sudden Death?

    Hey Guys,
    I'm new to the forum but have been reading up for a while now. Anyways, I had this interesting situation that I want a hand with, and you guys are the best ones to help me figure it out.

    Here is the back story: Me and my buddy are part of a Yacht Club and it was opening day (Everybody's dressed up, party going, music, etc etc). We're in pretty casual clothing, shorts, beach-T's, sperry's and we walked down to the beach, where we found a group (guys and girls) lying down on their towels. Story short we walked past, saw the girls staring at us, and when we came back just as we were about to leave one of them cat called us. So we turned around and using that as a opener started talking. Turns out two were HB8.5 blonde twins, and we chose one each and started to establish rapport, which turned in full blown back massages and straddling (God I love bikini's). Ended up k-close w/ a number, she wouldn't go any farther (lets call her girl 1) because she said wanted to meet up again.

    Arrange to meet up at the same beach, here's the convo:

    Me: Morning princess
    1: Mm morning. Wassup?
    Me:Wandering around school like im in a prison lol, you?
    1:Haha weird, same
    Me:So feel like beach tomorrow? (Asking=slap on hand)
    1: Definitely
    Me:Cool, what time? (slap=asking)
    1: Welll... after school obviously
    How long would it take for u to get here?
    Me: Hour and a half, and my school ends at 3:15
    1: No reply
    Me: (2 hours later) Round 5 sound good? Beach where we met
    1:No reply
    Next Day
    5 hours later
    Me: June is 5 good...
    I called her and her phone was off? Or blocked, im not sure. So after that I said screw it. A few months later I saw her at a club, and made a point of being friendly to her friends and said was polite to her, but didnt attempt to pick her up. Later on that night she grabbed me and made me dance with her. Great dancing, lots of kissing, and her friends place was close by so I offered to walk her there. We get in, friend leaves, and we start to make out on the couch and proceed to 1st base. All of the sudden though she goes cold, and makes an excuses that her dad is coming, and calls him. Didn't talk to her after that again.

    This is where it gets interesting. So im POed at this chick, so I started talking to her identical twin (2). Started messaging on facebook, got her #, and started to build a bit of rapport. Talked about people we liked, both ended up in relationships, both got out, and started flirting a bit. Pictures over Snapchat, texting, all is going well. I tried to meet up with her (Hour away) and last minute (literally I was already there) messaged me saying she suddenly had a modelling meeting to go to and couldn't hang out. That pissed me off, but I kept my cool and kept trying. Kept getting sexy snapchats, winky faces, but we couldnt find a day that worked. I didnt freeze her but the length of time between texts grew. I got her to agree to go for a run and a drink next weekend atleast, but now shes close to non-responsive again. So I tried to create a sort of jealousy that would make me a challenge so I message her sister #1 about their birthday coming up and she brought up birthday sex, which I hinted was a possibility.

    Thanks for reading all of that. How do I play this off so I get:
    a. #1
    b. #2
    c. Both
    and not d. which is nothing
    (my preference is c.)

    #1 is the partyer who likes to have fun and be a bit public about it
    #2 is the goody-good who actually is close to being as bad and fun

    (sorry for the misleading title I was originally going to put a easier problem)
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    Default Re: Successful First Outing, Then Surprise Sudden Death?

    Shoot sounds like they know they can get any guy, any how, any way.....

    If I was in your shoes id probably be flipping the playbook to the "new pages" and start creating some brand new plays here. Sometimes stuff you used to win the game with one girl will not exactly work with the next one the same way.

    Seems as well you crossed the line, which may not be a bad thing but more than likely since they are twins they probably consulted with each other saying "hey did XXXX contact you" and they both know your after each of them.However they could as well kept it private....

    Sounds like BS as well you took her to one of he friends place and she complains about her Dad coming? Why would he be heading there unless he had a previous arrangement or she texted/told him she'd be there.

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