Yes, I'm still going on about this girl that I have real bad case of one-itis with, which I know is pathetic but I really like this girl. But for about 3 weeks we've started talking again, our texting has been full of fun, wit, banter and maybe a little flirty. I've even had her coming to my house with friends (which is the usual group) to hangout.

This past weekend I even had her come to my place a few hours before everyone so she could help me pick out some booze at the store. It was fun, and she let me drive her car. We teased and poked fun at each other the whole night, while playing pool she would act like she was poking me with her stick, and I would do similar things to her too, and she was flipping me off sometimes.

She was the last one to leave my house at the end of the night, but only by 10 or 15 mins though. And while I badly wanted to make a move on her and go in for a K-close, I got weak and held back. Because in my mind I was saying I don't know where I stand with this girl any more, and this girl according to one of her friends only sees me as a friend, even though she has never told me that herself. I'm still kicking myself in the face for not even asking her out to see what she would say. I just kept thinking things just started up again and I don't wanna lose her even as friend if she doesn't feel the same way.

It was 2am and I told her to text me when she got home, and I honestly didn't think she would but she did. It went like this:

Her: Home
Me: Cool beans
Her: Goya (Its an inside joke we have)
Me: lol its past your bedtime go to bed
Her: psht, I don't have work til 5pm
Me: Watch we have a badass over here! I take it the bottles made it home ok?
Her: They slid to other side of the trunk, but none fell out.
Me: Awesome! Well it was fun we have to chill again some time.
Her: Indeed
Me: Ok, I'm gonna get some shut eye. night.
Her: *My name* can't hang...
Me: Haha I can hang, the question is can you?
Her: Duhhh!
Me: Then please show me your ways oh masterful one.
Her: You sound like Yoda
Me: You did the voice don't lie
Her: lol nooo
Me: sure... whatchu doing?
Her: I'm like wide awake now... idk why
Me: Drink the rest of that case, maybe it'll knock you out. You're probably doing that right now you boozer.
Her: I already drank them all on the way home, duh
Me: No sh1t... O_O All that and you still made it home without smashing up. You're amazing can you teach me that?
Her: I can't share my secret
Me: Sipping on cherry lime smirnoff the whole way, not really a secret.
Her: Psht it has more content than the seagrams
Me: Doesn't really matter if you milked the bottle the whole time...
Her: If you wanna see milking, I'll bring a straw next time.
Me: Do it, you won't!
Her: You're right I probably won't. I'm going to sleep so I wake up before 2 in the afternoon.
Me: Who can't hang now?

And that was it. I didn't talk to her again till Sunday where I invited her to a car show to which she would've come if she hadn't been stuck working.

Me: Guess what I made for breakfast?
Her: Rice and beans (I'm spanish and it was a joke we were playing with on Friday).
Me: That ain't even right...
Her: lol
Her: A Poptart
Me: lol no, since you were so trashed the other night you left somethings behind, so I made a smores.
Her: lol I didn't want to take them
Me: Haha right... Me and my brother are casing out a car show later to see what we can steal, you in?
Her: What time? I have work till 7
Me: It starts at 2 ends at 5, so screw work the billionaire will lend you some cash lol
Her: Eh, maybe if you were a trillionaire
Me: Haha thats to bad though it would've been nice, some other time then. Have fun at work.
Her: I won't lol

And I left it there, I'm not sure how far I should look into this though, since my brother was going to be with us. And its not like we're really good friends where she would all of a sudden be comfortable hanging out with me and we only recently started talking again. Do you guys think she might be changing her mind about me or she just being a friend?