Theres this girl at work that I've been quite friendly with for a while but within the past week she has been even more friendly that usual , she comes up to talk to me much more , I'm worried it may be because I may be well and truely friend zoned because I've done a few nice things for her in recent weeks but these nice things took a bit of back bone

1. I spoke to our manager on her behalf because she's excellent at her job but her contract is vending soon

2. I stood up to a guy in front of her who wanted her to do something she wasn't trained to do because he didn't want to do it

3. I emailed the team highlighting a cause of an error which had I not would have made it seem it was her fault

4. She was upset about a friend leaving which she told by text , I told her that day I would giver her a call the next day to talk to her about it

Is this all beta male stuff and have I been majorly friend zoned