heyo. so i was at a big party last weekend and there were a girl called natalie. i had some eyes for her. kinda selena gomez look alike. real cute and same age as me. as i have a good male friend that is friends with her, i told him i had eyes for her( did i do a mistake telling him?) and the night went on, i danced with this girl and hold her pretty tight, she hold on to me,i thought this was good ioi's and of course they were, but i just couldnt get to the kissing point. my friend then told her, common go and make out with me "erixzon" several times and she just laughed and said no. then a gap went and i didnt see her for a long time, and then i see her with another friend of mine and he was kinda pushing her to make out with him, and they did. so i felt wtf. and grabed natalies friend and just made out with her, groping boobs n shit. they day after i talked to natalie and she was actually flirty with me. we didnt bring up me kissing her friend and she kissing mine. but the cpnvo eased on with alot of flirt smileys. and there is a party next weekend there im going she is going, her friend i made out with is going and my friend that made out with her is going. but i want this girl, not just as a kiss, want to meet up with her outside the party area. so im thinking i will ease convo with her til the day the party is, and at the party dance abit with her ignore her friend, and then take her hand lead her away and tell her ive been trying so hard not to kiss you. and then go in for it! (ofcourse if i get iois!) what do ya think of this? does it sound good or should i make anything different? thanks and bye!