I'm having trouble with a playette, She likes me, she tells me she likes me she's always touching rubbing my arm and playing with her hair when I'm with her. The problem is she is hardly with me, I see her maybe once every 2 weeks. I'm 31 not very experienced with women, I grew up very isolated and am what is always referred to as "The nice guy". She loves my sense of humour, and my eyes. But when I go for the kiss she turns away and I always get the same "I like you as a friend" when her body language tells me otherwise. When I move forward she steps back, I step back she moves forward and its driving me insane. My job in this city finishes in 2 weeks, I have another job here if I want it but I need more than work to keep me here, if she says yes we can try to make it work I'll stay, otherwise I shall go back to the farm 3,700kms away and try and forget about her. I don't want her to know I'll change my plans for her I need to keep the power but I'm running out of time. Whats the best way for me to find out if I'll stay in the friend zone or actually get a chance of building a relationship with this girl?