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    Default French Girl Texting

    Hello forum filled of wisdom. I'm 17 and on my last year in High School me and my friends went to Paris. There I met this really cute Asian girl who was interested in me. She said "t'es beau' meaning "you're good looking". I was a bit tipsy and I didn't have a really good conversation with her so i got her number and went back to the hotel since we were already too late and the teachers would get madNow I forgot that it was a foreign number and i had to add +33 so Unfortunately I didn't get to meet her the day after.

    I had sort of forgotten about her thinking I'd never see her again , but to my surprise when i came back home from Paris she added me on Facebook.

    OK, so here's the problem: I have no idea what to talk about with this girl and she's two years younger (15) although she looks about my age.

    And here's what I want: I want to have long conversations with her and then talk to her on skype for a long time and eventually go to Paris to get laid and have her as my girlfriend.

    Since my French is fairly good I understand her text messages and I can text back, but I can't use my witty, sharp, humor since I can't speak French well enough to make jokes. To make matters worse I farked up a few times:

    1. I asked her if she could talk english and she could but It's so weird texting her in english that I prefer talking in French again but I don't want to look like an insecure douche (which I kind of am).

    2. My friend trolled her and sent stupid messages to her in my native language and she didn't understand making her clearly a bit pissed off.

    I KNOW she wants me because she puts these "<3" and "x" after some messages and she told me plenty of times how beautiful I am.

    Please help me, I'm desperate. I don't want to lose her.


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    Default Re: French Girl Texting

    Oh they say you should never talk to a girl when you're feeling desperate or feeling bored, they can tell. But just calm down, talk to her like you would any girl you liked. Talk, flirt, and ask get a day 2. Just don't be needy( oh one of my fatal mistakes) and I'm also 17 too plan to go to France next year with some friends

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