I am new to pua, literally been going for about 2 weeks and I have made a few approaches here and there, working primarily daygame because I have no wing and I hate going to the bar solo on a busy night. I have also just been chatting up strangers in general when the opportunity is there. My mentality is that if i can get pretty soild and comfortable with day game, I can then start trying to work on night game which is in my mind more difficult. I had a pretty bad day sarging at the mall today, (my second time out sarging)not because of bad experiences but because there was pretty much no hb's at either the mall or the park today, it was frustrating but I did approach 1 girl at the park talked to her about her dog, and then 2 hired guns at the mall and chatted them up for a few minutes. In order to make up for a bad day and get out of my comfort zone a bit I also hit up a bar for about an hour and approached and chatted up a 2 set (1 was an hb8, the other an hb6) for about 10 minutes. I mainly talked to the hb6 since she was the one closer to me. They didnt seem too interested so I exited, finished my beer, and left. I noticed what I think may be my problem though. I pretty much only generate small talk and dont escalate anything. I get no kino going, I dont neg at all, and the conversation after a few minutes just feels flat. I am pretty sure my problem with not negging, and not being more aggressive/risky with my conversation is more because I tense up and get off my game, and as a result just resort to small talk to keep the convo going. But I am clueless on how to start kino really, and how to escalate it. So any pointers to stay on your game or your plan? If you need more specific details on the conversations let me know.